Remember to allow a minimum of thirty (30) days from the written submission of this form to the Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) for a decision. Within seven days, Homeowner will receive emailed confirmation that their request has been received and is under consideration. If no confirmation is received, please contact (

Some requests, such as painting, roofing, and fencing, may require physical samples or additional information to be submitted to the ARC. Homeowner will be contacted if samples are needed.

It is Homeowner’s responsibility to inquire with any applicable city, county and/or other governmental agencies regarding building and other permits relating to the request made herein.

Approval of any structure or architectural change/addition by the ARC is not a certification that the structure or architectural change complies with governmental rules and regulations, nor is it a certification that the structure, when complete, will comply with sound building and design practices. Additionally, notwithstanding any approval by the ARC, neither the ARC nor the Board of Directors makes any representation or warranty that a plan complies with, and does not violate, any easement, license, setback or other restriction or condition related to the homeowner’s property.

By initialing below, Homeowner certifies that Homeowner has read, understands, and agrees to the above provisions.