Amendment 3 Ballot Vote Ongoing

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Paces Lake Members, A ballot was left in your mailbox (owners) or mailed to the owner's address of record (lessors) on January 6th, 2021. The ballot vote is ongoing through 1/31/21 at this time.  Please contact the board should you have any questions. If you do not submit a ballot vote, a door to door

Front Entrance Sign Selection

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Residents chose option #1 in a 2:1 margin over option #3 for the front entrance sign design.  The new signs for the front monuments have been ordered and should be installed within the next month.  Thank you to all those who participated in voting. 

Paces Lake HOA Needs You

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Paces Lake HOA is looking for volunteers for the HOA Board of Directors and Architectural Committee for 2020.  Without volunteers for the upcoming term Paces Lake HOA will have to turn to an outside management company which will lead to HOA dues doubling.  Won't you please consider volunteering for either the board or architectural committee 

Paces Lake Fall Block Party 2019!

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Due to inclement weather on Saturday 10/19/19 the date  for the Block Party has been moved to Sunday 10/20/19 from 4- 6 pm.  Join the community and meet your neighbors at the Paces Lake Fall Block Party!  There will be food, pumpkin decorating, and plenty to do for the kids.  We'll have prizes and a